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10 reasons why you should never dump pickle juice down the drain

Jun 4, 2019 | Blog

One thing that is delicious and juicy as well as sour is pickles. When one wants to take them and enjoy them, they can be added to a sandwich or even placed on a cheese platter all by themselves. If one is creative, there are endless ways that pickles can be relished and enjoyed. One thing that many people do after enjoying pickles is that they tip the juice down the sink. They should stop doing this because pickle juice has an astonishing number of uses that one can implement and rather than tip it down the sink the jar should be stored in the fridge. In the future, they could serve as a help when one encounters an upset stomach or one has a houseplant that needs to be revived. Some additional uses of pickle juice are stated below. The jar that is used for pickles can be preserved and used for other things like storing liquid items and they will be safe. Pickle juice can be preserved in the fridge and when the time comes it can be used to soothe acid reflux. This is because pickle juice contains vinegar and vinegar is good for every stomach. You can also use it on your steak because it helps make the steak to be tender. Other uses of pickle juice include using it to pickle other items, to help with muscle cramps, to make rye bread, to help restore electrolytes, to clean copper pans and even ehlp soothe a sunburn.

Key Takeaways:

    • Save that leftover pickle juice to marinade your steaks and other meats.
    • Pickle juice can soothe acid reflux and muscle cramps, possibly destroying some microbial pathogens in the digestive track.
    • Vinegar in pickle juice can also restore electrolyte balance, aiding in hangover situations.

“Turns out pickle juice actually has a ton of uses, so when you’ve finished with the pickles, put the jar back in the fridge.”

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