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10 Simple Reasons For Feeling Tired and How to Feel Better | Top 10 Home Remedies

Oct 15, 2019 | Blog

Simply being alive could be enough to make one tired these days, but is there an underlying reason behind many people’s fatigue? There are 10 common potential reasons for a drop-in energy. By addressing issues such as poor sleep quality, lack of exercise, dehydration, potential nutritional deficiencies, passing on the most important meal of the day and consuming an excessive amount of coffee or caffeine, it is hoped that these informational indicators will motivate people to make positive changes in lifestyle which may contribute to feeling less fatigued.

Key Takeaways:

    • Getting regular exercise may help people get better sleep, which in turn may help people feel less tired.
    • If someone is not taking in enough fluids, blood pressure may drop, enough oxygen may not get to the brain, and this may make a person feel tired.
    • If someone is not following a healthy diet, he or she probably is not getting enough vitamins and minerals, which may make a person feel tired.
    • Not eating breakfast may contribute to fatigue so it is important to eat a nutritious breakfast to not only boost the metabolism but to also provide the body with the micro-nutrients needed to perform daily functions optimally.
    • Consuming too much caffeine for too long a period may contribute to feeling tired for many reasons. It may create an altered feeling of what may be considered a normal energy level. It might also increase blood pressure, effect adrenals and dehydration which in turn may effect energy levels.
    • Stress can lead to fatigue as well as the possibility of sleep problems which could then lead to a feeling of additional stress and fatigue.
    • Pregnancy often leads to feeling of being tired due to hormonal changes as well as providing life support for the baby.
    • Fatigue is often associated with menopause due in part to low levels of female hormones.
    • Being overweight may contribute to fatigue for many reasons. Poor diet and low activity levels may contribute to being overweight but these two issues on their own may contribute to feeling fatigued as well. Obesity has been linked to sleep apnea which could reduce the amount and quality of sleep thereby also possibly adding to fatigue.
    • Poor sleep quality and duration may lead to fatigue. There are many possible reasons for insomnia and poor sleep including sleep apnea as well as having a partner who snores.

“There are also many little things that can exhaust you both mentally and physically, which can make it very tiring for you to get through the day.”

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