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15 Natural Remedies To Help Skin Stay Young Looking

Jan 28, 2019 | Blog

There are lots of natural products that can help skin look its best without slathering artificial chemicals all over it. For example, a mixture of castor oil, aloe and vitamin E can help make your eyelashes and eyebrows look richer and fuller. A mixture of lemon juice, sugar and water can be used for natural hair removal, while turmeric and coconut oil can help brighten your smile. Mixing sea salt or baking soda into a natural shampoo can help with oily hair and scalp.

Key Takeaways:

    • Women want smooth skin and easy hair removal but the conventional products are not only expensive, they also contain chemicals that are rubbed into the skin.
    • Potatoes are used for beauty on the armpits because it contains antioxidants and enzymes which help the skin to brighten and smooth the skin at the armpits.
    • To use potatoes on your armpit, slice it and then massage on the armpit for three minutes. Wait for about thirty minutes before rinsing off.

“Thankfully, there are plenty of highly effective, natural alternatives to these hormone disrupting products that will save you time and money. The best part? You probably have most of these ingredients in your home already!”

Read more: https://theheartysoul.com/unexpected-natural-beauty-hacks/

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