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20 Things Many People Don’t Realize They Are Doing Because of High-Functioning Anxiety

Oct 23, 2019 | Blog

Many people around the world are suffering from anxiety. It is a real epidemic that is seeing a lot of younger individuals feeling the bad sides of mental health more than ever before. Due to body issues and social media glorifying certain things, anxiety and the problems that come with it are enhanced. This is even more true as you look closer at the millennial generation. Many people want to be perfect and get stressed over little things.

Key Takeaways:

    • There are many people around the world who deal with anxiety on a daily basis.
    • Some people are better than others when it comes to combating mental health issues.
    • As people get older they are more inclined to get stressed out by things that they might not have worried about when they were younger.

“Overthinking, persistent worrying and a constant drive for perfection are all characteristics of someone who has anxiety. 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety but many of them barely show any symptoms.”

“If you have high-functioning anxiety you may feel that you…

  1. Are a perfectionist, making sure even the smallest of details are perfect
  2. Can’t say “no” even when you really should
  3. Overthink every move you make and have to plan out your actions
  4. Worry a lot about what other people think about you
  5. Arrive an hour early to your appointments
  6. Are constantly asking people to repeat things like directions or instructions
  7. Apologize a lot  for small things that you do
  8. Find it difficult to make eye contact
  9. Make lists to help organize all your thoughts”

Read more: https://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/20-things-people-high-functioning-anxiety-can-relate.html

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