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6 Cancer-Linked Products To Consider Getting Rid Of

Jan 11, 2019 | Blog

There are so many household products many people use everyday in their homes that have been shown to contain carcinogens and other toxins that are extremely bad for their health. These items include air fresheners, candles, various art supplies, shampoo, antiperspirant deodorants, shower curtains, as well as most cleaning products used regularly in a home. There are more natural versions of these items people can shop for, but it may take a bit of research and saving because of the expense.

Key Takeaways:

    • The home used to be our castle but today, because of the prevalence of products that are carcinogenic that we have, it is no longer so.
    • It is found that many air fresheners have carcinogenic ingredients such as phthalate esters in them, and can aggravate asthma and affect reproductive health.
    • Candles are another carcinogenic product in the home. They contain lead wires used by manufacturers to make the wicks firmer.

“Take a look at a few of the items you thought harmless and see the health problems they can provoke.”

Read more: https://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/6-cancer-causers-home-get-rid.html

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