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6 Sciatica Stretches to Help Prevent and Relieve Hip and Lower Back Pain

Jun 7, 2019 | Blog

Many North Americans suffer from back pain. To maintain a healthy back, it’s necessary to increase its durability and malleability, and stretching exercises are an effective way to help accomplish this. Different exercises benefit different bodily areas. The Camel Pose stretches the abdominal muscles, while the Wide Side Lunge Pose works on the hamstrings. Several exercises stretch the adductors, including the Frog Pose, Butterfly and Wide Forward Fold. The Forearm Extensor Stretch seems unrelated to the lower back, but it strengthens one’s grip, which is necessary for safe lifting. Dedicating just one minute a day to each of these stretches is all it may take.

Key Takeaways:

    • One of the most common problems that people encounter in life is lower back pain and it can come as a stiff pain or as soreness.
    • One of the treatments that is recommended for relieving back pain is stretching because it helps support the back in many ways.
    • For one to be able to have a strong back while lifting he or she needs to make sure the back can comfortably reach some positions.

“Whether you have minor discomfort or a more serious condition such as sciatica, you can improve the health of your back by increasing the strength and flexibility of the muscles that support your back – especially the ones found in your abdominal, hip, pelvic, and lower back area.”

Read more: https://theheartysoul.com/exercises-lower-back-pain/

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