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8 Common Health Problems That Might Be Treated With 2 Tbsp of Epsom Salt

Apr 12, 2019 | Blog

Epsom salt — also known as magnesium sulfate — is a versatile and natural substance that may use for a variety of purposes. Perhaps the most common use is to ease joint pain, but you can also use it for greasy hair and tension headaches. Epsom salt is a source of both magnesium and sulfates that your body can easily absorb and use. It can be used as an exfoliating facial scrub. However, it also has some uses outside your body such as a fertilizer and as a cleaning agent.

Key Takeaways:

    • Epsom salt is well known for helping with several ailments which includes helping to relieve muscle and joint pain.
    • Epsom salt has been around since 1860 when it was first found in Epsom, England and that is where the idea for the name came from.
    • Epsom salt is a rich source of magnesium and sulfate and it is known that during an Epsom bath, the magnesium and sulfate gets absorbed through the skin.

“If you are against using any chemicals in your life, you do not have to worry about using Epsom salt because it’s a naturally occurring mineral, also known as magnesium sulfate.”

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