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9 Potential Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia Pain Everyone Should Know – DavidWolfe.com

Jul 10, 2019 | Blog

Although Fibromyalgia is still a disease being studied to better understand its origin, it is known that it often emerges in the wake of bodily trauma, surgery, infection, or exacerbating stress. Nonetheless, at times a triggering event appears to be entirely absent. The condition causes pain across the breadth of the body and is usually accompanied by problems of a cognitive nature as well as emotional disturbances and potentially erratic sleep. Along with pinpointing pharmacological interventions, research suggests that there are a number of natural interventions that may help those sufferers contending with Fibromyalgia. Because Fibromyalgia specifically attacks the muscles and the nervous system, nutrients that bolster these two areas are key. Good examples of potentially useful nutrient defenders include: D-Ribose, vitamin D and Magnesium. It is also useful to eschew sugar in its refined form, because it can lead to inflammation, which in turn triggers more pain. Allergies also trigger inflammation. So, it becomes extra critical to avoid those things one is allergic to when one is also contending with fibromyalgia. The centuries old art of acupuncture has often been used for pain and could be a useful treatment adjunct. The fascial tissue of the human body sits atop the muscles, affecting the underlying musculature. Bowen therapy activates this tissue and may also offer positive affects for sufferers. Eating healthfully, for example, including lots of fruits and veggies, is always a good idea for nearly any bodily ill.

Key Takeaways:

    • Fibromyalgia has many side effects and it has been described as an illness that is accompanied by severe pain, sleep and memory issues, along with fatigue.
    • When a person is suffering from fibromyalgia, the way that the person’s brain interprets brain signals is more amplified in that individual.
    • Vitamin D helps the nerves and muscles to feel relaxed and function normally and if someone is suffering from chronic pain he or she ma have low vitamin D levels.

“Symptoms may begin after a physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant stress, or they may accumulate gradually with no triggering event.”

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