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Honey and the HYMN Cycle: take this to fall asleep, stay asleep and to never wake up tired again

Oct 6, 2018 | Commentary

According to the original article, if you are looking to change a couple of things about your life, you should start with sleep. People who report getting really good sleep are ones who are able to attack the day in a positive light. They are able to get things done and are known as productive and efficient workers. These kind of people are the ones that companies want to have as employers. If you cannot do this, change your sleeping habits!

Key Takeaways:

  • Some people are more inclined to take a lot of pills to help them rest more than others.
  • If you are really struggling with this, then talk to a doctor about some potential options.
  • People who are able to wake up feeling refreshed and ready are always better prepared.

“Honey remedies have been used as a popular way to induce sleep for thousands of years.”

Read more: https://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/adrenal-fatigue-and-honey.html

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