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Drink Water First Thing in the Morning for These 5 Reasons! – DavidWolfe.com

Jun 10, 2019 | Blog

Starting your day off with 1.5 liters a day replenishes your body and helps with many areas of your well being. It hydrates you so headaches are held at bay. Drinking water first thing also revs up your metabolism by about 24% if the water is cold. Your kidneys may function better and you may be able to eliminate toxins better. Water can also help stop you from over-eating if you drink a big glass of water in the morning and before meals. If your stomach is already full you are less likely to overeat. Try to not eat or drink for an hour after drinking your water.

Key Takeaways:

    • When you’re dehydrated, your brain is operating on low fuel. This may cause you to feel tired and drained, may lead to headaches, and you may even experience mood fluctuations.
    • Drinking at least one large glass of water in the morning – about 16 oz of cold water – may boost your body’s metabolism by about 24%, which may aid in maintaining a healthy weight.
    • Human beings are comprised of 72% water, so making sure to get your recommended daily intake of the liquid makes sense!

“Drinking water upon waking helps increase the flow of oxygen, and aids in the production of muscle and blood cells.”

Read more: https://www.davidwolfe.com/drink-water-first-morning-5-reasons/

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