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Grandfather Was Left Fighting For His Life After Developing Sepsis From Biting Nails

Jun 14, 2019 | Blog

A grandfather had a brush with sepsis – a life threatening infection – after a lifelong habit of biting his nails. It started with a blister on the nail bed, and ended with him fighting for his life in the hospital. This happened, at least in part, because the crevice between your nails and fingers is a hotspot for bacteria, and open wounds pick up even more bacteria. Sepsis is an extreme reaction to a bacterial infection your body already has, and can cause organ failure, tissue damage, or death if not treated promptly.

Key Takeaways:

    • One experience his grandfather had is that he woke up feeling fine then suddenly he started having symptoms of the flu although they were much more prolonged.
    • After biting his nails, he felt that he was in so much pain and that he couldn’t move although he wanted to move his hands.
    • The grandfather, Kennedy, eventually damaged his nail bed due to his nail biting habit and that was what brought about the sepsis.

“57-year-old grandfather, Ricky Kennedy of Scotland had a close call with sepsis after a life-long habit of nail-biting suddenly caught up with him.”

Read more: https://theheartysoul.com/sepsis-symptoms-nail-biting-health-risks/

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