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Home Remedies for Cholesterol Deposits Around the Eyes — HealthDigezt.com

Jul 24, 2019 | Blog

Yellowish pimples near the upper eyelids on the inside corners of your eyes is a condition called xanthelasma, cholesterol deposits, and usually indicates high levels of LDL. There’s a few things that may be of help in getting rid of these. Peel an onion or garlic and rub it on the pimples. Banana peels are another option, as are castor oil, apple cider vinegar, and eating cholesterol-lowering foods, such as oats, leafy greens, legumes, avocados, citrus fruits, fatty fish, olive oil, red wine, and green tea.

Key Takeaways:

    • Xanthelasma is a skin condition. Its sufferers have small bumps around their eyes, which are actually cholesterol deposits.
    • Laser surgery is one option for xanthelasma sufferers, which is fortunately not a health issue, merely an aesthetic one.
    • Presumably, for those not opting for the surgical route, a clove of garlic applied nightly is said to help dissolve the unsightly bumps.

“Fortunately, there are a bunch of home remedies that are proven effective by many people who suffer from xanthelasma.”

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