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Scientists Test Three Solutions for Cleaning Pesticides Off Produce: The Winner is Clear, Chemical-Free and Surprisingly Cheap

Mar 8, 2019 | Blog

Water doesn’t always completely clean pesticides off of product, and many consumers are wondering what other ways they can go about cleaning their fruits and vegetables when they’re in season. Even though many reports suggest using chlorine, this is technically a harsh chemical that can produce some unwanted side effects. Baking soda has recently shown to be even more effective at degrading pesticides much quicker than chlorine while offering much less harmful side effects in the process.

Key Takeaways:

    • Every year the “Environmental Working Group creates two important consumer resource lists.
    • Shoppers use the “Dirty Dozen” and the Clean Fifteen” annual compilations to find the least toxic produce.
    • Thankfully, an easy to create mix of baking soda and water will remove harsh pesticides from your food.

“Despite the good news, there’s still a pesticide-related problem that shows few signs of slowing in the United States, especially with Bayer set to take over Monsanto in the coming weeks.”

Read more: https://althealthworks.com/16002/university-scientists-test-three-solutions-for-cleaning-pesticides-off-of-vegetables-the-winner-is-clear-chemical-free-and-surprisingly-cheap/



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