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Seven Symptoms of Kidney Disease Many People Ignore That Could Lead To Kidney Failure

Dec 18, 2018 | Blog

Changes in urinary function can be a sign of kidney disease. These changes can include: 1. Dark urine. 2. Bloody urine. 3. Foamy urine. 4. Difficulty urinating. 5. Pain or a burning sensation while urinating. 6. Waking up multiple times during the night to urinate. 7. A change in the quantity of urine. Other symptoms that may be signs of kidney disease include fatigue, weakness, dizziness, skin breakouts, itching, unexplained back aches, and pain in the side of the abdomen.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people don’t cherish the important part their kidneys are playing until they start to show symptoms of failure or disease.
  • Change in urinary function is one of the telltale signs that there is a problem with the kidneys. The frequency and quality of urine change at this point is important to notice.
  • When the kidneys are unable to eliminate waste in your body, you can notice the symptoms such as swelling in your feet, face and hands.

“This can lead to feeling exhausted and lack of energy during the day even you are just performing a light task. The common reason for these symptoms is anemia and a buildup of waste products in the body which cannot be disposed of properly because the kidney is not working properly.”

Read more: https://pixelatedplanet.net/2018/11/seven-symptoms-of-kidney-disease-many-people-always-ignore-that-could-lead-to-kidney-failure/

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