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The Difference Between Tension During The Day and Night

Apr 23, 2021 | Blog

I would like to talk to you about the stress we are all having (which is often related to COVID lately) and TMJ symptoms or problems.

The stress we have during the day if we are clenching and grinding our teeth, and we are aware of it, is a cognitive/behavioural issue. It’s a habit. We can stop ourselves.

The musculature in the head and face tends to tighten up, we could slip off the jaw disc, but usually we can stop ourselves and limit this.

The problem comes during sleep and we are unconscious because we are not aware of this.

This is a nervous system problem and because we are unconscious this can go on for many minutes and possibly even an hour or so. Therefore, the musculature is even tighter.

We can end up with ear symptoms or headaches. We could wake up with headaches.

This is when we are doing these things to ourselves while we are sleeping.

Call us for me information. I’m happy to help.

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