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I’m Dr. Richard Goodfellow.

Some of you have seen some of my videos about headaches, TMJ problems, neck aches, back aches and fatigue.

Please remember one thing – children suffer from the same things that adults do.

There are children – 5,6,7,8,9 years of age etc. who have sleep-breathing disorders.

A child may have this problem if you see bags under their eyes, if they are thrashing around in the middle of the night, if they are wetting their bed, if they are grinding their teeth, or if they are snoring.

Children should not snore.  According to the Pediatric Society in the United States, children who snore should have their sleep monitored or at least have this looked at by a professional.

If children have headaches or misbehave during the day, please have their sleep investigated Their sleep may be the cause of some of the problems mentioned above.

Mouth breathing issues can contribute to sleep problems and even orthodontics problems.

All these problems above can be solved, especially in children.

Headaches, fatigue, snoring, grinding of teeth, severe orthodontic issues – all of these are related to breathing.

I’m happy to help but certainly have a child with one or more of these problems above see their doctor or dentist.

Click on child obstructive sleep apnea for more information about this condition.

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